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First, contact us by mail by sending us links to your originals.
Secondly, if your works are ok with the musical aesthetics of the shop, we will contact you.
We will give you a feedback, if it's not ok.

1-1 Regarding the prices on Ramscores and Paypal

You have seen that Ramscores prices  are very attractive,  if you want to be a partner, your products will be sold in the same price range.
The shop runs on Paypal which applies commissions on each sale.

Between 3.4% and 3.9% 0, 25cts per transaction according to sales in the EEE (European Economic Area) or not

On € 10  sales outside the EEE, PAYPAL commission will be 0.64 cts

1-2 Partnership Sales

The proposed partnership will be 50 % for you and 50 % for Ramscores on your sales.

By being a partner,  starting from € 10 f,  you will receive a sales status (see below) from your sales, and the money you will receive.
In order not to lose time searching for each product if the customer is in the EEE or not, if several sales we will base on purchases outside the EEE.
See this example, in case you'd' be the  seller of this product.

€ 4.55 X 4: € 18.20 sold

Paypal fee 0.96 cts

Ramscores receives first 17, 24 

This will be divided into two equal parts (€ 8.62 for you, and€ 8.62 Ramscores) on this product during this period.
Then, Ramscores send you a PAYPAL transfer of the corresponding amount of sales with a statement (see above paypal fees).

RAMSCORES 'FRIENDS is based on non-exclusive mutual trust.

If we agree on all thank you to follow this procedure.
Send  us each title in  a different and zipped folder with the following:

On a text edit or word:
A / Title name
B / Composer,  Arranger
C / Title The description (in English, French, Spanish, Japanese) If necessary see google translate for languages.
D / The style and title of rank
E / The price (to be based on Ramscores prices).

And in the folder too
F / The separate PDF sheets and score together into a single PDF.
G / Visual 300 x 300 not exceeding 50 ko.
H / Audio recording (eventually) in real instruments and UTube link.

We will put your works online upon receipt with the serial code (sheets).
Note: this partnership can be closed by either party at any time.

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Secured payment
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Quick delivery
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