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A -  I dont' find my emails after my purchase

If you cannot find your emails, they are certainly in your spam folder, check this and also make sure that a firewall is not active.

B-  Downloading Trouble 

 If you see this message:
 "You have reached the maximum number of downloads allowed" 

Its mean you have already downloaded the files (because the message appears), and they are actually in your download area of your computer. 

When you click on download ramscores product from the mail you received, there is as immediate download from the shop to the download area of your computer, the file is not open immediately , you open it after when you localize in he download area of your computer.

To find them just do a general search with the names of files.


Go to the Tools or Options menu, then, General, for downloads, there is a choice that indicates where the downloaded files are saved. By default they are in the DOWNLOAD FOLDER.


The Download Folder is located in your home folder.

In case you can find your files to a general search with their names.

C- I dont' see " PAYMENT OPTIONS"

When you are in the end of your shopping cart you must agree the terms of the service by checking little box to see Payment method.
Then you can see under at 3/ "CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD" Paypal logo and " pay with your cart or your paypal account.


If you are not in the full site, payment is done mainly by Paypal.

Install the application Drop Box to recover PDF files.  

The first step does not move, as soon as we receive your payment, you will receive three emails ..  (like on a computer .. see above) 

1/ Copy the code or codes of products in the mall "ORDER CONFIRMATION" 

2/ Go to the mall "Virtual product (s) available for download" and choose the product or products to download. 

The product appears in the following manner "get-file.php document is protected by a password" 

3 /Paste your serial code, and there you see the sheet, be careful it's not a PDF but a link. 


A / To be sure you have the PDF and print, you must sent this link sheet from your mobile or tablet to a computer (via email). Then you open this link as a PDF on your computer with the serial code you received in "ORDER CONFIRMATION"

B / Or if you installed DROP BOX on your mobile devices, you can save the link of the sheet via this application, clicking the top of the page. You will see a field "Open in Dropbox" and  at this time save the PDF file (with serial code you received in "ORDER CONFIRMATION". 

You can access this file through your mobile devices.  

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